March 2023
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PayProp’s audit log brings peace of mind to business owners

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Managing rental properties can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to handling finances and tenant payments.

The risk of losing track of payments or falling victim to fraud can lead to irreversible damage to your reputation, and often has legal consequences. However, with PayProp's audit log feature, clients can rest assured that if the worst were to happen, they can easily pinpoint what went wrong.

The audit log starts tracking a user’s every action on the platform from the moment they log in to PayProp, keeping a detailed date-stamped record of all user activity – from creating new tenants and properties to editing bank details, as well as reconciling and paying out funds. The log cannot be edited or deleted, even by PayProp, ensuring that every unique user action is captured and stored permanently. Even deleted users still have their actions stored in the audit log.

PayProp’s unique audit log provides peace of mind for thousands of property professionals around the world. Money cannot go missing as every action on the platform is tracked and stored. This goes for wrongdoing as well as errors. If money is transferred to the wrong account or assigned to the wrong property, it is easy to establish where the mistake occurred thanks to the audit log's comprehensive records. And by regularly reviewing your audit log summary – whether weekly or monthly – you’ll start to recognise patterns of behaviour, making any red flags even easier to spot. The audit log also tracks user permissions, allowing you to see when a user was granted permission to access a feature on the platform, and what they did with that permission.

In legal claims for unpaid rent, agents are often called upon to give evidence of payment demands issued, part payments and the like. With the audit log backing you up, you can easily show when and if payment was received, and how much. In addition, we also record maintenance tickets in the audit log, showing the status, the tenant who was affected by the maintenance issue, the PayProp user that responded, and the category the issue falls under. 

Main admin users can access the PayProp audit log by clicking on the ‘Dashboard’ menu and selecting the ‘Audit log’ option.

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