South Africa
September 2022

PayProp Rental Index Q2 2022 – Positive growth in all provinces

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Looking back on the second quarter's market performance, we see national and provincial rental growth holding up despite challenging economic conditions.

However, could it be time to start worrying about increased non-payment of rent as the cost of living rises? To answer that question, we do a deep dive into tenants' expenditure and debt repayments – nationally and provincially.

We also share some tips on how rental agents can use PayProp to sign more landlords, as well as the story of a long-standing client who has found PayProp to be a huge advantage at all levels of the business.

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Interested in hearing more about their stories? Here are a few more of our client videos.

Carrie Alliston, Hunters
Ximena Davidson, East Vista Management
David Summerton, Harcourts Summerton
Dave Votta, Votta Sales & Lettings
Pascual Candia, Venecan Property Management
Chris Lesky, PADRentals
Robert Budd, New Forest Rentals
Mark Shanta, Shanta Residential
Paul Stevens, Just Property
Ellie Bell-Jenks, Dourish & Day
Shannon Lesky, PADRentals
Charlie Green, Hunters

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