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February 7, 2022
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PayProp partners with Chartall College to bolster leading real estate qualification

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PayProp has partnered with Chartall Business College, an experienced online training provider, to create and deliver educational modules that will supplement the current real estate courses offered by the institution and give additional value to their learners. 

PayProp CEO Jan Davel says that investing in industry education has always been a priority for PayProp, to ensure the ongoing success and professionalism of the sector. “Besides boosting the curriculum, our three new Chartall modules offer guidance with compliance for first-time estate agents and agents branching out into rentals, which will help Chartall’s mission to professionalise and prepare new market entrants to hit the ground running in an ever-green sector of the economy.”

He says that despite slow economic growth over the past two years, newcomers are still entering the real estate fraternity. “During the past year, we identified no less than 50 new real estate agencies that registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board, and we’re proud to invest our time and expertise in helping to equip the estate agents of tomorrow with the knowledge and skills that will stand them in good stead to succeed in the industry.”

Chartall Business College is an innovative and modern provider of education and training, with one of their areas of speciality being in the real estate sector. Chartall Business College offers the National FET Certificate in Real Estate as well as various other qualifications in accordance with the education guidelines set out by the Estate Agency Affairs Board, the real estate sector's regulator, that will soon be replaced by the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority now that the regulations have been published.

Magda Erasmus, head of the Real Estate faculty at Chartall says that industry input is crucial to the ongoing relevance and success of the course material, specifically when it pertains to interesting and fast-moving topics like payments and technology. 

“Chartall has always been focused on assisting learners to remain relevant by providing training that is up-to-date and exciting,” says Erasmus. “We provide innovative learning opportunities through our subject matter experts and through collaboration with industry players.” 

PayProp and Chartall are offering three modules pertaining broadly to automated payment processing within the property rental industry. The first covers an introduction to property payments while the second deals with property payment risk mitigation and the third, presented by Davel himself, covers regulatory compliance in rental payments. 

“Now that the long awaited regulations have been published, the Property Practitioners’ Act, 22 of 2019 will come into effect from 1 February 2022. This consumer-focused legislation is very clear regarding the legal requirements governing payments, and current as well as future principals will need to be aware of them,” says Davel. 

“We are proud of this collaboration and look forward to sharing these updates and value-add modules with new and current students,” says Erasmus.  

For more information on the courses offered by Chartall, visit 

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