September 2022
Feature updates

Maintenance made easy with PayProp

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PayProp’s integrated maintenance hub is here – giving all clients across our territories an easy way to manage maintenance and payments on one powerful, easy-to-use platform.

Integrated maintenance gives you clear oversight of the repairs needed across your portfolio

Integrated maintenance makes it simple for tenants to submit a ticket directly to your PayProp account via the PayProp Tenant portal, whenever they need maintenance or repairs at the property they are renting.

PayProp users with the necessary permissions can access maintenance requests directly from their PayProp dashboard.

The new integrated maintenance hub gives a clear overview of the number of tickets, how many are active, and the tickets that have been resolved. From this page, PayProp users can view tickets submitted for the properties they manage, add new maintenance tickets to inform tenants of any planned works, respond to queries from tenants, and add images and text to tickets as private notes. Invoices and payments for any maintenance expenses related to the tickets can also be added, keeping all the maintenance and payments info in one place.

Tenants and PayProp users are kept fully informed, with all parties receiving e-mails when a ticket is submitted or replied to, when the status of the ticket has changed, or when the issue has been resolved and the ticket closed.

Access and sharing privileges

PayProp-powered property businesses have complete control over who can access maintenance. Our permissions settings allow clients to assign access privileges at individual level, allowing them in turn to share maintenance requests across the team or restricting it to those that need to act.

Just like our payments, any actions taken on the maintenance hub are recorded in our audit log. This protects your business in case maintenance records are ever needed by a court. The PayProp audit log gives you a complete record of what happened and when, which could prove useful if maintenance or repairs or payments related to it are part of an eviction case.

We’re pleased to release this new feature as it is one of our most frequently requested developments by clients world-wide. Nevertheless, this is just the start – more maintenance features are coming soon!

For these and other upcoming developments, keep an eye on our product update e-mail, exclusively for PayProp clients.

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