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March 21, 2023
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Property managers count cost as eviction moratorium ends

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The end of Alameda County eviction moratorium

In California, small landlords and property managers are celebrating the end of Alameda County’s eviction moratorium.

Alameda County’s moratorium has been in place since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the course of three years, mom-and-pop landlords have accrued thousands in unpaid rent, making it difficult for many of them to cover their expenses.

After months of protests and lawsuits from landlords, county officials voted in late February to end the moratorium on April 29. However, some cities in the county, like Oakland and Berkeley, have no plans to end their own eviction moratoriums early. Others, like San Leandro and neighboring city and county San Francisco, are considering extending theirs.

Tenant advocates argue that lifting moratoriums could lead to a surge in homelessness, particularly for those hit the hardest by the pandemic. At the same time, some landlords demand reimbursement and justice for their own years of financial hardship.

Balancing needs in a crisis

The Alameda County eviction moratorium situation is just part of the larger cost of living crisis unfolding across the country.

Millions of tenants are at risk of losing their homes due to the economic fallout from the pandemic, and many landlords and property managers are struggling to make ends meet as well. 15% of all renters had a combined $15 billion in debt as of August 2021, according to National Equity Atlas.

While federal and state eviction moratoriums have provided some temporary relief for tenants, they have also been a source of controversy as the cost of that relief has been passed to landlords. Policymakers at all levels of government will need to address the complexities of the crisis to create lasting solutions that work for both tenants and rental housing providers.

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